Returning to the living, for now.

2011-02-05 11:48:15 by ReploidCiel

Believe it or not, I've spent a lot of time practicing and learning new things whilst I was "dead". At some point I hit a breakthrough where I said "Woah! I think I've gotten a lot better!" Thus, I started to feel the music I made was worth putting up again. I'm one of those people who sits there, and listens to their own music continuously until it sounds like they can't make it better. (Sadly, this impairs my ability to enjoy my own music. |3) I'm definitely not a perfect judge of that, but it does work fairly well.

Ive learned a bunch of new tricks, and I hope to put out quite a lot of songs throughout the course of this year, including remaking some older songs.

Gosh knows we /clearly/ won't have a next year anyway. CB


2009-10-10 10:10:42 by ReploidCiel

So I'm totally not dead yet, but I am on the other hand having a hard time deciding on music to remix.

I take requests. But I can't sing for you, so nothing with words. There is no guarantee I can do the remix unless you supply me with a midi. Midis are low quality audio, but they're also the most popular format for note sheets. If a midi isn't given, I'll search for one.

I can't currently create my own, though I've thought about it.

To make a request you should have any of the following sets of info

Just a midi:

(Having a midi/MP3(Or Youtube video where I can listen to the original song) is always nice.)


2009-06-08 18:37:40 by ReploidCiel

I feel like I'm beginning to get really good at remixs. My main goal has basically been Megaman remixs, but I've definately bridged out and done a large variety. I started my Newgrounds profile a long time ago, but never uploaded anything for a while due to that I wasn't making anything worth showing back then. I hope I continue to improve.

Also, I'm slightly upset that my Divine Hammer remix, the first Megaman remix I've released, doesn't appear to be hitting very hard.