Entry #3

Returning to the living, for now.

2011-02-05 11:48:15 by ReploidCiel

Believe it or not, I've spent a lot of time practicing and learning new things whilst I was "dead". At some point I hit a breakthrough where I said "Woah! I think I've gotten a lot better!" Thus, I started to feel the music I made was worth putting up again. I'm one of those people who sits there, and listens to their own music continuously until it sounds like they can't make it better. (Sadly, this impairs my ability to enjoy my own music. |3) I'm definitely not a perfect judge of that, but it does work fairly well.

Ive learned a bunch of new tricks, and I hope to put out quite a lot of songs throughout the course of this year, including remaking some older songs.

Gosh knows we /clearly/ won't have a next year anyway. CB


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2011-03-14 07:37:35

i cant listen to my own music, its too crap lol. anyway good luck with more music.. if we dont all die in 2012 then you can celebrate by making moooore lol


2011-03-17 17:38:40

great i love your music it's awesome.


2011-04-12 16:32:00

Nice to see you are back. I have a lot of stuff happening right now and can't work on my flash series. Which sucks I known. Can't wait to see your progress


2011-04-13 22:32:45

wanna be friends


2011-06-03 22:17:29

why does everyone think the earth will end in 2012? it's so stupid. (of course, everyone has there own thoughts, and i certinly (spelling mistake) dont think youre stupid)


2011-06-05 17:53:38


When I'm making music, once I'm done, I tend to take a break from that song for at a day, because I'm tired of hearing it. When I come back to it, I'm often refreshed, and can pick out things that didn't sound too good, and wasn't able to pick up on them while composing it.

You have a huge library of audio. Just keep practicing, and you'll get better over time, soldier. (:

* salutes *
- Ziro out.


2011-12-27 15:26:28

Not to be a bug, but I've wanted to hear a remix of the Falling Ragnarok from Megaman Zero 4...it would be perfect for 2012. (Someone posted you were good with dark battle music, and I thought of this, not that I'd do it right...) I don't mind if you don't; I'm just tossing out a suggestion... thanks for considering this if you do... Good luck with the great music :D


2012-01-17 07:42:36

Hey girl! It's awesome to see another megaman fangirl around these parts =) I just wanted to say to keep doing what you like because it defines who you are - I look forward to more music from ya.



2012-06-02 06:31:18

Hey Ciel,i hope you remember me.I was hoping we could get back in touch...i lost my msn account and had no way to contact you...sorry.