2009-10-10 10:10:42 by ReploidCiel

So I'm totally not dead yet, but I am on the other hand having a hard time deciding on music to remix.

I take requests. But I can't sing for you, so nothing with words. There is no guarantee I can do the remix unless you supply me with a midi. Midis are low quality audio, but they're also the most popular format for note sheets. If a midi isn't given, I'll search for one.

I can't currently create my own, though I've thought about it.

To make a request you should have any of the following sets of info

Just a midi:

(Having a midi/MP3(Or Youtube video where I can listen to the original song) is always nice.)


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2009-10-10 11:00:09

I'll actually request for a song, in a little while. Currently busy, but I think some ideas I have might be interesting for you. If you could PM me, I'd be very gracious of that (I'm horribly busy with something at home, and consoling a friend who is quite depressed) and it would mean an absolute lot to me. ^3^;

ReploidCiel responds:

Sure thing


2009-10-30 05:37:48

I've listened to all your MMZ audio, but I can't listen to the ZX or Classic series songs since I've never played those. Since you did a great job with those, I'd like to hear any For Endless Fight remix you can make. Just go off the Remastered tracks albums if you do, since those are much better than the audio straight out of the game. Sorry, but I don't know where any midis for any three of them are...


2009-11-01 03:21:03

*Reads MetaKnightPWNS2's comment and ReploidCiel's response*
I can help you get the MP3 format of the song, but you'll have to convert it to Midi.

ReploidCiel responds:

I'm afraid that's generally not possible.


2009-11-03 04:52:52

Megaman Zero. X the legend.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAIyRe m-p-I

I would totally use that in a flash movie. If you don't mind.

ReploidCiel responds:

I can only try. It's rather hard to beat Capcom's.


2009-11-03 04:53:29

I'm planning another MMX style flash, and need good music.


2010-01-05 19:52:03

I'd like to request for one if that's alright. :o Even if you don't feel like doing it now, or anytime soon.

Since the comment is really long, I'll just make a short list here:

Song: Frog's theme
Game: Chrono Trigger
Midi location: At VGmusic(dot)com under Super Nintendo Section. (Listen to the file Frog's Theme (Remix) for best reference. Would prefer this style)
Original soundtrack location: Type in "Frog's Theme Chrono Trigger" in Youtube, and it will be the first Video in the list.

More details in my long Comment below:

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I'd like to request the music track "Frog's Theme" From Chrono Trigger. Sure there's a few of them already on NG's, but they just don't seem the song the justice it deserves in my opinion. (Or the "oomph" for it.)

You can find the midi for it (And thousand... If not, Tenthousands, of Video game midi's at VGmusic(dot)com)

Frog's theme is under this section: Super Nintendo, and it's under C, where Chrono trigger is. There's more then one midi. It's named "Frog's Theme" And several versions. Personally, I prefer the one named "Frog's Theme (Remix)" The best. And is more of the style I'm looking for without it being in midi format. (I recommend you listen to that midi version. It sounds the best in my opinion)

If you want to hear the original soundtrack, type in "Frog's theme Chrono Trigger" in Youtube. And it should be the first video. There's also plenty of other remixes and stuff if you're curious. :D

My. That was a lot. o_o; I hope I did it correctly.


2010-02-23 21:10:00

Hey, I used your Version2 Cannonball in my flash. Check it out.


2010-04-02 20:55:18

um, i have a request, could u please do a remix of either nitro or solarman's stage from megaman 10?

ReploidCiel responds:

I'm trying out Nitroman's stage.


2010-05-29 17:58:01

Time Man or Oil Man. its your choise.

Time Man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfL5No UMvbU

Oil Man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKIr4c xEP2k

ReploidCiel responds:

Trying out Time Man.


2010-07-29 20:25:41

If you're still taking requests, I'd like it if you did this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYsXd8 6IE10) theme from Megaman Zero 2 on the GBA.


2010-10-24 02:59:42

Could I request Nebula Grey from Battle Network 5?