Entry #1


2009-06-08 18:37:40 by ReploidCiel

I feel like I'm beginning to get really good at remixs. My main goal has basically been Megaman remixs, but I've definately bridged out and done a large variety. I started my Newgrounds profile a long time ago, but never uploaded anything for a while due to that I wasn't making anything worth showing back then. I hope I continue to improve.

Also, I'm slightly upset that my Divine Hammer remix, the first Megaman remix I've released, doesn't appear to be hitting very hard.


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2009-06-08 18:42:29

Divine hammer was a good remix, but perhaps not the most pleasing song to the ears. I'm sure some of the more catchy megaman tunes will translate better. I gave it a 4.


2009-06-08 18:53:51

OMG! It's a gurl who likes games! She must be an alt.


2009-06-11 00:09:34

Hey, this is Fayt. [ Terry-sato ] I actually stopped to hear your music. Divine hammer is pretty nice even though I've never heard it before. I noticed on some of your older projects and they sound like you just midi ripped them. o.o [ Dooplis was the biggest give-away ] But keep working on it! >o<
Hopefully I'll become less lazy and ...-Wait a tick. I just turned 19. =__= I should be more mature.... Anyway~s...

Keep at it!

~Fayt ~

ReploidCiel responds:

I... don't even know how to midi rip.


2009-06-24 12:28:09

Megaman Zero is a great game series. Same with the Megaman X Series.


2009-06-30 07:41:37

hoa. i would have been so sad if it eneded at 5. zero dying would have been such a horrible ending for the megaman X series. im actually happy that they made X6 even if it wasn't by the creaters permission. x6 is still wasy better tan 5 in my opinion. is has a better soundtrack, a better sound for the ultimate armors giga attack, and sweet powerups. its interesting though, i never knew they made 6 without his permission...


2009-10-04 12:29:49

you like videogames that sweet im klike the megaman zero series and the megaman x series i play all and the guitar music of megaman zero its great im add you in buddies n.n